Dog Walking

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Dog Walking

We offer a range of dog walking services for dog owners who are unable for whatever reason to walk their dog. We offer a bespoke, personal One to One dog walking service that is tailored to the needs of each dog. We can also walk dogs in groups if it is agreed by all parties and the dogs are familiar with one another. We offer One hour dog walks as standard, *however if you feel you dog is unable to walk for One hour we will offer 30 minute walks.

We will arrange to collect your dog from their location so YOU don’t have to travel. We don’t charge for our travel time so the walk length you have requested is what your dog will get. We also GPS track our walks so you can trust your dog gets what you have asked and paid for. We take pictures of your dog(s) whilst they are out and will update you via Facebook or directly to you.

One hour Walk: £11.00 (£5 extra per dog per walk from the same household)

30 Minutes Walk: £8.50 ( £2.50 extra per dog per walk from the same household)

Unlike other dog walkers, we don’t charge extra for different sizes dogs and we don’t charge extra for groups.

Fresh water is always available to your dog during the walk and your dog will be towelled down on their return if they get muddy. We always carry with us a bag containing fresh water, towels and a dog medical kit.

If you would like to enquiry about dog walking availability, please feel free to contact us via Telephone, E-mail, Facebook or via Messenger (just click on the floating Messenger Icon). All our details can be found on our Contact Us page.